Is it safe to camp in Hawaii? In our opinion that is one of The most important questions to be asked Before camping in Hawaii.We do believe that one of the best ways to get the point across is to post customer experiences. Therefore, we have done so at the bottom.

We’ve been in the camper van rental and truck camping business on the big Island of Hawaii for over 12 years now and have hosted hundreds of guests over the years. Furthermore we have camped at all of the county and state camp sites here across the island of Hawaii.

We have found that, wow crime is quite low and our past guests have not reported any issues, each person will need to judge their own comfort level when it comes to security and Amenities available within each park you choose.

Several of the county and state campsites have security that cruises the grounds overnight. These ones will have more campers, be more organized, and feel a little less detached as some of the more remote spots without security and few people. Spencer Beach Park and Kohanaiki beach park are both examples of Hawai’i county campsites with security and nice amenities. We feel very safe here with many families camping and having a great time.